What Podcasting Means to Me

Oh, and radio too.

Initially, this post was going to be more along the lines of “the importance of audio media”, but that would be too much like me standing on a podium and telling the internet why this thing that I believe is right, and that’s not me. Instead, I’m just going to want to talk about why podcasting (yes, and radio too, what with volunteering/internships and all) is important to me. If you agree that’s awesome, and if you disagree, that’s awesome too, and I really would love to hear why in the comments.

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8 Things That Happen When You Decide To Do A Podcast

Hey everyone! Initially, my plan for this post was a lot smaller—after posting my first podcast, I was going to write about handling the stage fright that comes with putting your voice out there for anyone to hear. But as it turns out, there’s a lot more to putting up your first podcast than just stage fright. Furthermore, since this is the stage in my project where I need to add YouTube video into the mix, I figured why not do the same thing amazing resources like The Audacity to Podcast (2016) do, and attach my written stuff onto my audio (and in my cause, visual, as they do on Social Media Examiner (2016)) stuff? So, let’s turn to the old reliable list format to break it all down…

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The Journey So Far

This blog is intended to document the adventures of a newcomer  into the world of podcasting. The impetus to finally start putting together my own podcast may have been a school project, but I won’t be writing here like I’m in school. I want to talk person to person, no matter if you, reader, have been in podcasting for years or are just starting to discover the medium. Ideally, this blog will be a place to celebrate this new medium that has captured our imaginations. So there’s really only one place to start with this blog: how did that ‘aha!’ moment happen for me? How did I realize I wanted to get into podcasting? Continue reading “The Journey So Far”