3 Great Podcasts on The Unknown

So, some of you might remember these podcasts being in a “best of list” about the “weird and the unexplained”.  After listening to some of the shows on that list a bit more carefully, and thinking on my list a little more, I realized that by having some of those podcast on the same list I was kind of comparing apples and oranges.  Nevertheless, they remain great podcasts.  So my next two posts are going to be reorganized re-postings (not rewrites for the most part) of those lists.

So, as far as this list, these are great podcasts to listen to if you’re interested in hearing about strange legends or brushes with the unknown.

1. Lore Podcast – Aaron Mahnke

If you’re looking for podcasts about legends and the paranormal, Lore is probably what you’re looking for.  Lore showcases episodes from folklore, specifically from the darker side of the folklore genre.  Monsters abound in Lore, but the real centerpiece of the podcasts is human beings, the sources of our fears, and what we are capable of when confronted with things that we don’t understand.  Aaron Mahnke, an author of horror stories, takes on a voice that is both chilling when it needs to be and empathetic to the human side of these tales.  Lore is that most elusive of creatures, a near-perfect podcast, and a perfect companion on a rainy night.

Official Homepage: http://www.lorepodcast.com/.

Twitter: @lorepodcast.

iTunes: Lore by Aaron Mahnke.

2. Astonishing Legends – Scott Philbrook, Forrest Burgess, Marc D’Andre, Ryan McCollough, Tess Pfeifle

On the other hand, if the old legends still fascinate, but you’re looking for a fresh perspective, Astonishing Legends might be your thing.  Every episode, the hosts of Astonishing Legends discuss unsolved mysteries in a fun, conversational format.  That being said, it’s clear that their episodes are painstakingly researched.  The boldest aspect of this podcast, by far, are the well-thought out hypotheses of what actually might have happened that the hosts give after looking over all the facts.  A must for anyone who’s ever had a friendly argument about the real story behind an urban legend.

Official Homepage: http://www.astonishinglegends.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AstonshngLegnds

iTunes: Astonishing Legends by Scott Philbrook & Forrest Burgess

3. Anything Ghost – Lex Wahl

Anything Ghost is the internet-age equivalent of sitting around the campfire telling ghost stories…if you could fit every other Anything Ghost fan around your campfire.  Anything Ghost allows listeners to submit their own personal ghost stories.  There’s no conjecture about what’s true or what isn’t with Anything Ghost.  Instead, Anything Ghost allows the stories to speak for themselves, and always maintains the creepy atmosphere.  Like Lore, this is a podcast for when the lights are low and you want a good scare.

Official Homepage: http://www.anythingghost.com/.

Blog: http://anythingghost.libsyn.com/.

Twitter @anythingghost.

iTunes: Anything Ghost Show by Lex Wahl.


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