4 Great Podcasts: History Category

“Trial and error” seems to be the general theme of this blog. I loved the idea of offering a selection of “best podcasts” in a different category every month, but a month is nowhere near long enough to dig into a whole genre of podcasting. It’s hardly enough to get to know even a single podcast! Podcasting is a genre with very few limits, and a podcast that’s been going for a year or so can be pretty daunting to sink your teeth into when you’re coming in as a beginner. So instead of advertising this post as a definitive list of “best” podcasts in a certain genre, as if I’ve listened to  every podcast in this genre, and have no more to explore, this list is a mix of old favorites and promising new encounters that I found in the “history” section of the iTunes library. I hope they’ll pique your interest as much as they did mine.   At the same time, I leave it open that this list will be added to.  In fact, I hope it will! Happy listening!

Also, if you have any recommendations for great history podcasts, let me know in the comments or on Twitter https://twitter.com/sydneyonair.  I’d love to hear from you!

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Behind the Podcast #02: Interview with Melinda Hemmelgarn of Food Sleuth Radio

In this episode, I’m interviewing Melinda Hemmelgarn of Food Sleuth Radio. You can find Food Sleuth Radio here:


or on iTunes here:


My comment about YouTube videos was inspired by the following:

Parsons, J. (2014, October 13). 10 Ways to Properly Grow Your YouTube Channel [Web log post]. GrowTraffic. Retrieved from: growtraffic.com/blog/2014/10/10-w…w-youtube-channel. e

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To find out more about Behind the Podcast, visit @SydneyOnAir on Twitter or boldlypodcasting.wordpress.com/.  You can also find this episode on Archive.org.

Out of the Box: Two Great Podcasts that Defy Definition

I found out a little while ago that the podcasting medium presents a challenge to ranking things by category.  That’s because you have people doing such unique, incredible work that it really can’t be categorized.  I tried to shoehorn these podcasts into my previous (now deleted) list because I desperately wanted to recommend them (and because iTunes’ recommendations had all five podcasts on the old list associated with each other), but that didn’t remotely do justice to the work these producers were doing.  So if a podcast defies categorization, why not say so?  Furthermore, I expect this list to grow, just because of all the great work I’ve seen happening in the podcast community

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3 Great Podcasts on The Unknown

So, some of you might remember these podcasts being in a “best of list” about the “weird and the unexplained”.  After listening to some of the shows on that list a bit more carefully, and thinking on my list a little more, I realized that by having some of those podcast on the same list I was kind of comparing apples and oranges.  Nevertheless, they remain great podcasts.  So my next two posts are going to be reorganized re-postings (not rewrites for the most part) of those lists.

So, as far as this list, these are great podcasts to listen to if you’re interested in hearing about strange legends or brushes with the unknown.

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Positive Thinking for Podcasters: Three Thoughts About Stage Fright

In any kind of creative work, you’re going to run up against stage fright. Even in a medium like podcasting, where there’s no stage involved, it’ll happen, and it might actually be worse. Instead of just a single auditorium, it’s the entire world you’re going to be submitting your work to. I touched on this topic in my previous post and video, but I wanted to say a little more about it because I felt like a little more advice was warranted other than staying “stage fright happens”.   I think if I can give real advice anywhere, I can give it here. Through learning experiences with performance and public speaking in school situations, radio, and now podcasting, stage fright has become pretty familiar. And I definitely felt stage fright while I was getting Behind the Podcast off the ground, long before I ever even tried to record anything. So, with a full disclaimer that this may not work for everyone, what did I find worked for me in the process of putting together my first podcast?

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8 Things That Happen When You Decide To Do A Podcast

Hey everyone! Initially, my plan for this post was a lot smaller—after posting my first podcast, I was going to write about handling the stage fright that comes with putting your voice out there for anyone to hear. But as it turns out, there’s a lot more to putting up your first podcast than just stage fright. Furthermore, since this is the stage in my project where I need to add YouTube video into the mix, I figured why not do the same thing amazing resources like The Audacity to Podcast (2016) do, and attach my written stuff onto my audio (and in my cause, visual, as they do on Social Media Examiner (2016)) stuff? So, let’s turn to the old reliable list format to break it all down…

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Behind the Podcast #01: Interview with Scotty of the Clash of Clans Podcast

This episode features my interview with Scotty of the Clash of Clans Podcast. You can find the homepage for the Clash of Clans Podcast here:


During the episode, I mention some articles about the demographics of the podcast listeners base. Check them out, they’re interesting!

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