The Journey So Far

This blog is intended to document the adventures of a newcomer  into the world of podcasting. The impetus to finally start putting together my own podcast may have been a school project, but I won’t be writing here like I’m in school. I want to talk person to person, no matter if you, reader, have been in podcasting for years or are just starting to discover the medium. Ideally, this blog will be a place to celebrate this new medium that has captured our imaginations. So there’s really only one place to start with this blog: how did that ‘aha!’ moment happen for me? How did I realize I wanted to get into podcasting?             Oddly enough, my first love in audio media wasn’t podcasting, but radio, and even that happened kind of by accident. A few years ago, I was volunteering at the small town public radio station where one of my parents worked, when one of the show hosts (now a friend of mine) heard that I had studied opera and asked if I wanted to do a show with him. My emotions were mixed, mostly disbelief (me? really? Who’d want to listen to me? I don’t even have a degree in anything!) and apprehension (there’s no way I could ever do a real radio show with a real radio host, right?). But I was also flattered enough to give it a try, and I wrote up a whole “script” for myself to refer to during the recording session. One of the first things I learned about audio media while I was doing that show was that you’re better off without a script! And that’s what stuck with me about that experience: that not only can you just press ‘record’ and start talking about something you love, but that you should. There are people out there listening. People who want to hear the unscripted, authentic you.

The program ended up getting excellent feedback from the listeners, excellent enough for me to be asked back record two more shows for the program. That’s when I started thinking about radio seriously. I didn’t have anything I seriously wanted to do with my life at that point, so why not this? I applied and was selected for an internship with a major public radio station, which to this day has been one of the most valuable educational experiences of my life.

Through all of this, podcasting was in the background. I had some podcasts I liked, and I had some very fond memories of having them on during family road trips, but for some reason I never really got into them seriously. It was only when I started to have ideas for my own radio shows that I started to wonder whether or not they might not work better as podcasts. And then there’d be the apprehension and the fear again: me? Doing a podcast? Something that would go onto the iTunes store where literally anyone could listen to it? Where would I even start?

So, it turned out to be a school project that finally gave me the push I needed to look seriously into the world of podcasting. I was thrilled with what I found. This is a format where you can base your show around just about anything, and you’ll have an audience. Podcasting is intimidating in large part because of the freedom it offers, and how few limits it has. So, what do I decide to base my own podcast around? Podcasting, of course. No other topic could really get at the breadth of all that I want to talk about in this medium. I want to talk about my own journey into the medium, my trials and errors in getting my own podcast set up, the challenges that podcasters face, and the experiences of other podcasters. As of now, I’m still just a fan, but a fan who’s gearing up to put something out there. Watch this space!

So, that’s my story. To my readers—I’d absolutely love to hear how you fell down the rabbit hole into this wonderland of podcasting, either as a fan or as a host or producer. I’m sure no two stories are the same, so speak up below or on Twitter. Can’t wait to hear from you!


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